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Lawn BowlsPolishing

Need your Lawn Bowls Polished? We can help.

Lawn BowlPaint & Repair

Need your Lawn Bowls Painted or repaired? We can help.

Ten PinBalls & Pins

Need a polish, repair or repaint? We can help.

Welcome to Lawn Bowls Polish and Paint

We are an Australian company based in Sydney, using the latest technology in polishing and painting lawn bowls. Our staff are qualified polishers and painters and will have your lawn bowls refurbished to an excellent standard.

Need your lawn bowls repaired, painted or just need a polish? We can help.

Using innovation and the latest technology, we promise to return your lawn bowl back to how they should look: Shiny, Painted and Brand-New.

Choose from these colours


Need to paint or repaint your lawn bowls, or just change your logo colour? We can help you to choose from a variety of paint colours, with the option of changing your lawn bowls logo and rings, as well as a premium quality polish from our highly qualified team after every repair or paint job.

Some of our services:

  • Premium quality bowl polishing for an excellent shine.
  • Premium quality bowl painting for a unique look.
  • Your choice of a plain colour or choose a different-coloured logo.
  • Try our new and exciting range of glittered paint colours.
  • We also polish and paint ten pin bowling balls and pins (Call us for a quote).
  • Lawn Bowls Repairs.

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